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3 Ways Food Influences the Workplace

Many people may not realize that food is a huge influencer in the workplace. They tend to work until lunch time, take a break then keep going. But I found a few ways that food can make your work life better (or worse).

Socialize via Food

You can make food in the workplace a social event in a few ways…

  • Go out to eat. Going out to a restaurant with co-workers after a hard week (or day) can feel very rewarding, and can help you get to know your co-workers!

  • If you’re heading out for lunch, ask your co-workers if they want anything from the place you’re going to. It’s a great way to start up a conversation. (Just remember to ask for money unless you want to pick up the tab.)

  • During lunch, you can also ask what everyone else is eating. It engages the office into conversation; Plus you can get some recipe ideas!

A downside to being social at meals is that you may start off eating with just a few coworkers but end up with the entire office joining you. Now your lunch break just became a meeting.

Energy via Food

Eating too much food at lunch can make you extremely tired. But, eating the right foods can leave you feeling energized and ready to work. Studies show that having 6 smaller portioned healthy meals and snacks through the day is better for you than 3 large meals.

Other studies show that 3 meals are better than 6. (WebMD)

In my opinion 3 huge meals just makes me feel tired after each one, and I still end up snacking. So find a schedule that works for your lifestyle and pay attention to what your body needs. Some life styles just don’t allow for 6 breaks in the day.

Motivation via Food

I use food as motivation all the time. If I find my mind wandering too much while I’m working, I bribe myself. If I focus for one hour, I can eat a cookie. It’s a productive, motivational and delicious way to stay on track!

So pick what you eat, how much, when, and where wisely!

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