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Insurance for my Business

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Commercial Truck/Auto


General & Professional Liability

Protect your business against consumer-related incidents. Request a Quote Now!

Workers Compensation

Ensure that you and your company are able to provide financial relief to any employee that is injured on the job. You can even Request a Quote Now!

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime insurance provides you, your company and your consumers with Grade A protection in the event of a cyber loss. Request a Quote

Risk Management

Does your company have a plan if disaster should strike? Take advantage of our risk management services and we'll assist you in establishing one. Request a Quote

Commerical Property

Protect your company against most risks to property, including: fire, theft and some weather damage. Request a Quote


We issue Fidelity bonds, License & Permit bonds, Court bonds, Miscellaneous bonds and Public official bonds. Request a Quote

Commercial Flood

The Gallery in Downtown Baltimore - Baltimore Sun

Commercial property insurance does not cover damages as a result of flood. Flood insurance is a seperate policy that covers important elements of your structure like electrical damage and certain contents in your building. This policy could save your business a lot of financial burden in the event a flood occurs. Request a Quote


Is your company preparing a charity fundraiser? Executive ball? Allow us to cover you with one of our quick and easy event policies. Request a Quote Now!


Umbrellas offer extended coverage when you've reached your coverage limits. That added security measure can save a company millions of dollars if the unexpected occurs. Request a Quote

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