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Your Medical Office is in great hands with Grady, Wright!


One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is that, we care about YOU. Now, we know how cliche' that may sound, but we really do! Not only do we offer you great coverage at competitive prices, we also build relationships with our clients. We want to see you grow and grow with you, which is why we build custom insurance packages specific to the needs of your business, then we educate you on how those policies uniquely impact your company.


We also understand the hustle, bustle and constant on-the-go nature of your job. As a result, we offer the following for your convenience:

  • Specialized coverage for Needlestick Incidents

  • Pay-As-You-Go option for Workers' Compensation to avoid large payouts after audits

  • Policy servicing requests can be done online

  • Most of our carriers offer payment flexibility, so payments can typically be done: online, over the phone, mailed in or in person

  • Policy reviews to ensure that your coverage is in pace with the growth of your business

  • A knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to providing you with impeccable service each and every time you need them

Needlestick Coverage
Commercial Property Insurance

Healthcare professionals face enough challenges. They shouldn’t be left worrying following a needlestick incident. With The Hartford’s workers’ compensation coverage, you can have confidence that payment for
initial testing after an accidental needlestick is covered — for the employee and the patient (with the patient's permission). We want to provide you and your employees peace of mind after a needlestick by attempting to identify any resultant medical issues as quickly as possible.


From The Hartford Insurance Company

Commercial Property Insurance covers your Building and Business Personal Property in the event that your property or the contents within your property are damaged or destroyed as a result of a covered loss.


Your exposures are: Property exposure is high due to the use of expensive medical equipment.


How to avoid a claim: All electrical wiring must be up to code and equipment properly maintained. Excellent housekeeping is required and smoking should be prohibited. All electrical wiring must be up to code and equipment properly maintained. A small fire, which produces smoke, can cause considerable damage when sterile equipment and environments are compromised. Theft is not normally considered a concern as the equipment is specialized and not easy to resell. However, if the doctor or physician has an inventory of drugs on the premises and fills patients' prescriptions, theft exposure becomes very high. Rigid controls must be maintained including, but not limited to, inventory control and limited access to drug storage areas. The business income and extra expense exposure can be minimized if the clinic has arranged for temporary facilities with another clinic.


From Refconnect by Vertafore/ Silver Plume

Professional Liability

Professional Liability covers the policyholder against claims of malpractice for all sums that the medical professional becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of the rendering of or failure to render professional services.


Your exposures are: Professional liability exposure is extensive as most clinics serve patients who have no regular physician. Decisions are made based on limited background information and no verification available. Doctors change frequently, disrupting continuity in patient care.


How to avoid a claim: Records must be well documented and prior data obtained as much as possible. The prescreening questionnaire is vital. All doctors and all employees should be well trained, experienced, and properly licensed. Needles and other equipment must be sterilized and sanitized to prevent the spread of blood-borne infectious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV and AIDS. On-site surgery must be closely monitored, with an experienced trained individual administering and monitoring the use of the anesthetic.


From Refconnect by Vertafore/ Silver Plume

Inland Marine Coverage

Inland Marine Insurance covers property in transit on or over land and at other than fixed locations.


Your exposures are: Inland marine exposures include accounts receivable, computers, physicians and surgeons equipment, and valuable papers and records. Accounts receivable coverage is needed if the clinic bills for its services. Computers are used for patients' records and other office purposes, but most medical equipment is also computerized. Physicians and surgeons equipment includes items that doctors may take off site to handle emergencies, and can be extended to include all office furnishings. A medical clinic will generally include sophisticated computer and medical equipment, especially if it specializes in a particular medical field. Valuable papers and records coverage applies to patients' records, medical research books, personnel records, and vendor contracts. 


How to avoid a claim: Duplicate records of all accounts receivable and valuable papers and records should be stored off site.


From Refconnect by Vertafore/ Silver Plume

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation provides defined benefits to employees for injuries they sustain or diseases they contract that arise out of and in the course of their employment.


Your exposures are:Workers compensation exposure is due to the possible transmission of disease from a patient.


How to avoid a claim:Gloves and masks must be worn at all times when working around any bodily fluids. Employees should have access to vaccinations to prevent diseases. Lifting injuries are a concern due to the potential for back injuries. Unruly and unpredictable patient behavior can result is severe injury. Workers who travel off site may encounter difficult circumstances, especially when going into patients' residences. Procedures should be in place to monitor the off-site exposure and provide for emergency backup.


From Refconnect by Vertafore/ Silver Plume

Employee Practices Coverage

Employment Practices coverage applies to loss of money, securities, and property that your company owns or leases, or to property of others in your company's possession. 


Your exposures are: Crime exposure comes from employee dishonesty, particularly relating to drugs on premises.


How to avoid a claim: Background checks should be conducted on all employees with access to drugs or money. Since drugs are tempting and susceptible to theft, employee access must be restricted and carefully monitored. Ordering, billing and disbursement transactions should be handled as separate duties. Inventories and audits should be performed regularly. Money and securities are a concern if payments are accepted on premises. Deposits should be made regularly and money should not be kept on premises overnight.


From Refconnect by Vertafore/ Silver Plume

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