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5 Signs That You are Overthinking Your Event

If you have an analytical personality, you probably overthink a lot of things. It could be anything from analyzing relationships, past decisions, current situations, future scenarios, or even just a text message before hitting send for way too long. Side effects of overthinking include stress, (which can cause high blood pressure) obsessing, wasting time, and the inability to make decisions.

1)The “What if this happened?” mentality

If you’re constantly running different scenarios in your head, whether it’s good or bad, you're more than likely overthinking. It's great to be cautious and prepare for error, but realistically ANYTHING can happen and there's just no way that you can prepare for everything, so don't stress it.

2) You think there is a hidden meaning behind every snag in planning the event

If you take Murphy’s Quantum law that “Anything that can, could have, or will go wrong, is going wrong, all at once.” very literally, when it really is just a minor setback, the event planning will be a nightmare. Things are going to go wrong, and it's best not to look too deeply into the small setbacks. You'll drive yourseld mad stressing over the little things that you may not be able to give the proper attention to the larger ones.

3) If you’re overthinking, overthinking then chances are, you're overthinking

As confusing as this sounds, if you're stressing yourself out trying not to overthink -- you're actually overthinking!

4) You have planned everything down to the last minute with no room for error

You want to avoid disaster at all costs by extreme planning, understandable, but what if your flowergirl brought some crayons to pass the time and ruined the walls and floors of the venue? There's no way you may have been able to predict that. It's important to go over the possibilities, but there will have to be room for error. Simply because there's no way that you can possibly factor in every single thing that "could possibly" happen.

5) You haven't factored in the solution

You could get event insurance! You are so busy thinking about things going wrong, but not a solution for if they were to! Having event insurance can help ease your mind while you’re in a panic. If you're reading this thinking, "Yeah, that's definitely me", give Grady, Wright & Associates a call. We can quote you an event insurance policy in less than 24 hours most of the time! We'll take all of the stress away from your big day!

Request a quote now! It's quick and super easy!

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