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10 Apps that Make Every Entrepreneur's Life Easier

At GWA, some of us occasionally work remotely. During many of those times, we have found that our phones and tablets have come in handy, largely due to the availability of apps that assist us in our business operations.

So, I compiled a list of 10 of those apps to help make the lives of other entrepreneurs and employees a lot easier when they're on the go.

1. Cam Scanner: This app allows the user to take a picture of a document or photo and instantly transform it into a PDF or JPEG for sending. This is a great option for documents that need to be sent quickly and efficiently without access to a scanner.

2. Scan Biz Cards: This app allows you to digitize business cards. Just take a picture of them through the app and it digitizes all of the contact information for you. They also have an online database that allows you to access the cards you’ve scanned in online.

3. Errands – To – Do List: This app allows the user to create to do lists. You can categorize topics for things like “home”and “office”, create alerts for reminders and there’s a calendar so you can see what deadlines are approaching before you schedule something new.

4. Evernote: Evernote allows you to do everything from quick and easy notes to full length proposals. It also allows you to create a collection of news clips, personal notes and photos to keep your thoughts and ideas about a project in one place.

5. Skitch: This app enables you to annotate screenshots. This comes in handy when you want to create how-tos, pinpoint what area of the image or document you want someone to focus on and to give feedback and share ideas.

6. Square: If you take payments remotely, Square is a necessity. This app allows you to take credit and debit card payments straight from your phone. All that you have to do is purchase the square device that plugs straight into your phone and you’re all set to accept payments from anywhere.

7. Invoice 2 Go: In addition to square, Invoice 2 go is another tool that comes in handy in terms of payments. This allows you to create quick and easy invoices that you can send to clients straight from your phone.

8. Google Drive: The Google drive app allows you to access all of your google drive documents from your phone.

9. Google Hangouts: Google hangouts lets you chat, video chat and call friends, colleagues and associates directly from the app. You can host conferences, team meetings and even seminars.

10. Google Translate: Google Translate lets you translate your voice, camera, keyboard or handwriting into 90 different languages.

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