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Why You Should Choose an Independent Agency

The photo says it all!

In the event of a crisis, you don't want to call your insurance company and have to dial 1-9-3-3-2-5-3-2 until you FINALLY get someone on the line just for you to then be transferred 4 more times until you get to the right person! By this time you've wasted so much time, not to mention the inevitable added irritation you must feel.

Independent agencies, more importantly, OUR agency, gives you a real person every single time you call us (as long as it's during business hours - after that we go animated, unless you're a Safeco client. We have a special line for you).

So, i'm pretty sure you're wondering about what other perks there are! Talking to a real person can't be all there is. Good news, it's not!

We are also small, which gives us the opportnity to build relationships with you, familiarize ourselves with your account and we work with several carriers, which allows us to shop for better rates in the event that we need to.

YOU always come FIRST with us! We become an extension of your business and your family. We insure your assets, while assuring your piece of mind, 100% of the time.

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