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How to Snag an Internship

Have One General Resume

Always edit it corresponding to the internship you’re applying for, but it's good to always have a starting point!

Keep Your Resume With You (and/or business cards if you have one)

You never know when a teacher invites a special guest to class, and that special guest may just work for a fortune 100. My professor brought in so many guests and I thought nothing of it... until one of them offered my classmate an internship.

Use Your School’s Internship Program!

Whether you’re about to be in college, currently in college, or an alumni, your school of choice is bound to have an internship program, or a counselor that can help you in a similar way.

Search, Search, SEARCH! has thousands of internships just waiting for you to apply. There’s also so many other websites to choose from. If you’re tired of searching online, you can always attend a job fair, and network at other events.

Ask Your Neighbors

Whether it’s a neighbor sitting next to you in the classroom, or the neighbor you occasionally see while pulling into the driveway, you don’t know who they’re connected to. They could have a fantastic government job or an aunt that works for Disney, and if you make it a goal to find out, they could connect you their connections.

Keep Your Resume Updated

That babysitting gig you did last week? Put it on there, especially if you’re applying to intern at a school or at a children’s hospital; it’s perfect and shows that you have leadership skills. If it doesn’t relate to the internship you want in any way, just put it on your general resume and take it out later. It’s better to put it on there now, than to struggle to remember what you’ve done later!


Maybe not exactly everywhere, but everywhere that you can travel to and that appeals to your interests. If you really want a job with that famous magazine, go for it, but have plenty of back ups too! I applied to A LOT of positions before I snagged one.

Don’t Get Discouraged

It’s not the end of the world if no one gets back to you, or if an interview was a flop. Your school may have resources such as resume building and mock interviews available to help you. If you find that awkward or unappealing, ask a family member or friend for a mock interview. You’ll have fun guessing what the employer might ask and also feel more prepared and confident. So, tweak your resume, hold your head high, and get out there!

Grady, Wright and Associates is always looking for interns! If you’re interested, please email to request an internship program packet!

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