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15 Tips and Tricks for a New Driver From a New Driver

1) There is a strong possibility that your parents will yell, (just a warning) but it’s because they care.

2) Watch your speed (especially on hills).

3) Find your quirks and try to fix them (I over turn when I’m turning right)

4) Driving school is typically boring (unless you’re really lucky).

5) Your parents aren’t always right (they normally are though).

6) Driving school can help you get a one-up on your parents. For example, my mom had no idea that not using your parking brake (E-Brake) can damage your transmition. (Hate to say I told you so Mom.)

7) Try to practice in an empty parking lot before going on the road with your driving school instructor.

8) No matter how much they beg and scream, never let your friends drive your car. (If they get into an accident, your insurance will pay for it- not theirs… and your parents will yell.)

9) When getting into the car for the first time, try not to be nervous, it’s all in your head.

10) Try to learn as much as you can about how to operate the vehicle, and maintain it. (Such as changing a tire, checking your fluids, and what the warning lights mean.)

11) If possible, practice in different weather conditions, in traffic, at night, and on highways.

12) Have your parents take you to meet with your family’s insurance agent so you understand what your coverages are, how to file a claim, and what to do in case of an accident.

13) When you feel comfortable, practice distracted driving in an empty parking lot with a parent. This could include role playing with a sibling, a friend, or loud music.

14) Don’t be afraid to ask questions in driving school.

15) NEVER text and drive.

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