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The "What to Get a Guy Who Has Everything" Gift Buying Cheat Sheet

Every year, without fail, women all over the world are faced with the same poignant question: “What in the heck do I buy him for (insert holiday here)?” And every year we scour the internet looking for that “wow” gift which eventually turns into a “ok, I’m tired of looking so he’ll take what I get and love it” gift.

Well, after being determined to find a gift for my friend that he would love for his birthday this year, I decided to really look for something unique and out of the box and that’s exactly what I found!

Surprisingly, there were so many unique gift ideas that I had a new dilemma: “Everything is so perfect! Which one do I choose?”

As a result, I decided to save a lot of other women time and worry with this quick little cheat sheet that will save us the holiday headache when searching for presents.

First things first, think about who he is.

Before getting into the gifts, I think it’s important to consider the man in your life and I mean REALLY consider who he is. What does he like to watch? Eat? Does he play video games? Is he into sports? Is he nerdy? Does he smoke? Does he drink?

A great place to start is by asking yourself, “What does he do that annoys me?”

Yes, I actually did say that.

Normally, the same things that drive us insane are the things that he loves. i.e. spending hours on end playing video games or being hooked to the TV making no effort to hide the fact that he’s ignoring us for the NBA finals. Even though those things drive us berserk – they are a great starting point for gift ideas! Considering what he does that annoys me actually drove me to find the perfect present for my friend.

Now, on to gift ideas!

This is actually the gift that I’m planning to purchase for my friend for his birthday, and believe me when I tell you – I wanted to get them ALL! They have a crate for the video gamer, barbecuer, poker player, whisky connoisseur, sports enthusiast – the list just goes on and on. The best part is, it comes in a crate with a crowbar, so your guy will feel like he’s actually achieved something when he opens it!


Fairway Armament
  • Chuck Rodent head cover

  • DivPro 6-in-1 tool

  • Golf Towel

  • Sleeve of Soft & Longs

  • Bag of Golf Tees

Pro Training Regimen

Gear every golfer will appreciate

  • Arnold Palmer drink (16oz)

  • 2 Packs of Sunflower Seeds

  • Caddyshack instructional DVD


Game Day Gear
  • 4 officially-licensed NFL team pint glasses

  • 4 numbered wooden coasters (w/ bottle openers)

Game Day Grub
  • Pistachios

  • Flavored sunflower seeds

  • Corn Nuts

  • Peanuts in the Shell


Makeshift Time Machine
  • Retro-Bit NES Console

  • 2 classic Nintendo games

  • (randomly selected from an assortment of time-honored, awesome games)

Sugar Intoxication
  • Red Vines

  • Bottle Caps

  • Mike & Ike

  • Nerds

  • Now and Later

  • Jaw Busters

  • Pop Rocks

  • Pez

Distinguished Gear
  • 2 Glencairn glasses

  • Personalized whiskey decanter

  • Whiskey aerator

  • 2 slate coasters

  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub
  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts

  • salted pistachios

  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans

If the guy in your life is nerdy, then there’s no better place than Think Geek gifts! From Star Wars to Marvel to Mindcraft to Game of Thrones, these gifts are guaranteed to make any geek, freak!


“As soon as you're old enough to understand things like Superman and Wonder Woman and Batman and Wolverine, you're old enough to know the horrible battles which must ensue for total hero(ine) dominance. Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Godzilla or The Toxic Avenger? Bambi or a photography intern? Finally a game harnesses this inborn desire to argue about fictional battles, and this game is called Superfight!” –Think Geek Game Description

Keep your food and drinks cold or warm. Holds up to 18 cans of soda.

Listen to 7”, 10” and 12” records. Also comes with music editing software

Build your own fully functional wooden pendulum clock.

Small one-can cooler/warmer for your desk. USB power keeps your drink at the perfect temperature.

Nothing says “You’re the man!” like a personalized gift and one of the best places to go for that is Personal Creations.


“Baltimore Ravens Welcome “Name Here”

The interior has a compartment for cufflinks, collar stays and other small accessories.

Write a personalized message that appears on the glass top of the box.

Perfect for the man who has everything.

Uncommon Goods is an excellent website to find…well…uncommon goods! You will find yourself perusing the website for hours trying to make a decision, but having too many options is a much better dilemma than having none.


Perfect for anyone in construction!

High end men's grooming products packaged in the ultimate utilitarian case: an upcycled US Army supply can.

Beer brewing kit that’s perfect for beginners.

Now everyone can participate in the grilling experience.

When in doubt, consider the The 10 Never Fails

  1. Sporting Event Tickets

  2. Local Beer Brewing Event

  3. Concert Tickets

  4. Old Video Game Console with Games (Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia)

  5. Tech Gifts (New phone, Tablet, Television)

  6. Desk gadgets and games (to keep him entertained at work)

  7. Cigar Bar Gift Certificate

  8. Outdoor Grill with Grill Set

  9. Spouse Honey-Do List (Spouse agrees to take out the trash, mow the lawn and wash the cars)

  10. Plan a surprise party for him and the guys (suggestions: World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, Poker Night)

Go-to Resource for Gifts:

If you’re looking for a wide selection of gifts, then is your go to. They compile gifts from all over the web to help you find the one that will “wow” him.

They even let you segment your search. You can browse for:

1. Gifts by recipient (Dad, Grandfather, Husband, Boyfriend)

2. Gift type (Personalized, Barware, Sports Collectibles, etc.)

3. Price (Gifts under $25, Gifts under $50, etc.)

4. Bestsellers, and more.

Hopefully this cheat sheet will rid all of us of the time and energy it takes to find the men in our lives, especially those who have everything, a great gift. If you have any suggestions, head over to our Facebook page and add to the conversation.

Father’s Day is June 21st so you still have time! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: All product photos and the majority of product descriptions are from the respective company's official site and therefore are owned by that company. Grady, Wright & Associates does not own them.

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