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5 Must Know Tips to Stay Healthy While Trucking

How do truckers stay healthy when so much time is spent on the road? It is so easy to develop

bad habits. Below are a few tips to remind you of the importance of staying in tune with

Your body while rolling down the road.

1. Over the Road (OTR) driving requires focus – sleep is important. It can be extremely difficult to manage pickups, deliveries, parking and the other woes that come with this profession. Scheduling and planning plays a very critical role in how you manage your sleep time. Knowing that you can’t always get the required sleep, try to take a couple of 30 minute naps during the driving cycle. Always try to get a good night’s sleep, even if they may be few and far between.

2. Quit Smoking, if you haven’t already – easy to say especially when you are driving and drinking (coffee) – nothing goes better together – right? Well it really is a detriment to good health and healthy habits. It is probably one of the hardest goals to achieve but you must intentionally focus on this to get the desired outcome.

3. Which leads to good eating habits. Plan your time and make time for exercise. Keep healthy snacks like apples, carrots, fruit, as well as, water all of the time. Many Walmarts have fresh food and parking for truckers – skip the truck stop and get some fresh and healthy foods. It will keep you going longer and you will feel much better.

4. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is very important. Water cleanses and hydrates the body.

5. Make time for exercise. Schedule time, at least 45 minutes a day, for a walk or some form of exercise. It will increase your energy, decrease stress and help keep you alert and focus on the road.

Take small steps and Practice…Practice…Practice…you will get better.

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