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5 Activities That Keep Trucker Families Busy While Dad/Mom is on the Road

After training, the average trucker will generally be on the road 2 to 3 weeks at a time or more! Dealing with time away from home may be normal for drivers, but what affect does their absence have on their loved ones and family? As Insurance agents we are usually focused on the Insured Trucker … we are concerned about the best insurance coverage for their needs, the quality of that coverage, pricing, retention, packaging, and more. Today we want to investigate what keeps Trucker’s families busy while the drivers are away for such long periods of time. Aside from their daily routine of work and school, what is uniquely available to them? We certainly hope they are healthy, happy and safe family back at home while their trucker mom or dad are away, but what special choices do they have to keep them from total boredom? In the wake of summer free time and school vacations, I set out to find just what families do for enjoyment and comfort while home alone. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of support groups, family circles and activities available.

Here are 5……

  • Comfort and a warm positive environment can be enjoyed in the Truckers Wives Forums and Chat room.

  • Joining a trucker social site and participating in Trucking life blogs can be rewarding. These blogs explore relationship challenges and are updated with questions and posts about trucking lifestyle.

  • Attendance at The 2015 National Truck Driving Championships and 2015 National Step Van Driving Championships August 11 – 15 in St. Louis, MO. features over 415 National Truck Driving Championship Event.

  • Help an established humanitarian organization. Road Trucker has a complete list of charities, and how to extend support to any of them.

  • Having an activity that appeals to teens matters. The hook? Vintage cars, or connecting teens with a museum, or even something as simple as a scheduled family movie night can be a resource for keeping the family engaged.

Whether you choose one of these or another activity to keep you and the family busy, experts say that it’s vitally important that part of your “alone time” be spent in a supportive, and therapeutic activity that satisfies the soul.

Excellent Trucking Resource: Life As A Trucker

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