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Your Restaurant Needs OpenTable and Here’s Why

Our agency knows two things very well: Insurance and Food! Which probably explains why one of the areas that we specialize in is Restuarant Insurance.

Whether it's a company outing or something in our personal lives, most of us here at GWA have found ourselves using OpenTable at one time or another. It's quick, easy and so very CONVENIENT. It's also kind of disappointing when you come across a place you really like that doesn't offer the ability to make an online reservation - especially for company functions. So, we're sharing with you, from a consumer point of view, why we think that every restaurant should be using OpenTable.

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1. The app is FREE for your customers to use and they’re using it.

OpenTable is well known in the world of “foodies” and it’s largely due to the fact that it makes creating a reservation so easy a baby could do it. Not to mention it’s FREE.99 to download and use directly from the consumer’s smart phone.

2. Your competition is using it.

I’m sure not every restaurant out there is using OpenTable, but I know for a fact that a heck of a lot of them are because I can’t tell you the last time I actually had to call a restaurant to make a reservation – not even for smaller, family-owned restaurants. One of my favorite bars in Baltimore even uses OpenTable!

3. Companies LOVE it!

Our company hosts lunch and learns and we have used various eateries for them. OpenTable is easily the go-to place in this office for quick and convenient reservations.

4. Gives the consumer incentive to make reservations.

When reserving a seat at a resturarant is made easy, it gives the consumer more reason to do it! Reservations also make us restaurant-goers feel important and when we feel good, we spend more.

We understand that there's a cost associated with OpenTable and we're not telling you to run out and grab it if it's not an economically feasible option for you. From our perspective though, it seems like it pays for itself, so if you have the option, GET IT! Your patrons, like us, will thank you for it!

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