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6 Types of Personal Insurance Coverage you may not know Exist.

1. Personal Articles Floater: If you have a wedding ring, collectibles, rare art, furs and other valuables, your homeowner’s policy may not cover their full value. Getting a “Personal Articles Floater” means that your valuable or valuable(s) are listed on your policy with their replacement cost, so that in the event that they are lost, damaged or stolen by a covered peril, you are able to receive the full value for the item once it is replaced.

2. Wedding Policy: To put it simply, this type of policy is “bride’s worst nightmare coverage” (that’s not a technical term, but it’s the best way to understand it). Wedding insurance is in place to provide coverage for the unexpected. The bride could lose her dress, the wedding could be cancelled or Uncle Pete could have a little too much fun during the electric slide and injure himself. Wedding insurance has you covered and gives the bride and groom peace of mind to enjoy their big day.

3. Event Policy: Whether big or small, events have a huge possibility for the unexpected. You could work months planning everything down to the very last detail and something could still get in the way. Event coverage is great in that it steps in for things like cancellation/postponement and coverage for guests in the event that someone is injured.

4. Umbrella Policy: Umbrella policies function exactly like an actual umbrella – They are an added layer of protection. If you file a claim and the payout is larger than the coverage limits on your policy, your umbrella insurance steps in and takes care of the rest (provided that you have enough coverage on your umbrella policy). They can be placed with homeowner’s, automobile and even business policies.

5. Classic/Antique Car Policy: Thinking of buying that vintage Chevy you’ve always dreamed of and fixing it up? Well there’s a special kind of automobile policy just for you! Classic/Antique automobile coverage understands that you don’t drive the car as often and that it is very valuable. With that in mind, this policy is tailored to meet your unique needs.

6. Food Contamination &/or Food Spoilage Endorsement: Let’s say you take a hypothetical trip to the grocery store to make sure that your family has enough food in the house right before a big storm. Not anticipating the storm being as massive as it is, your power is out for a week and all $300 worth of groceries you just purchased are gone with it. Having the food spoilage &/or contamination endorsement on your policy ensures that you are reimbursed after a major food loss by a covered peril.

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