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13 things I thought about while watching Scandal last week

As an employee at an insurance agency, it's pretty difficult not to consider how everything relates to insurance. As an avid Scandal watcher and obsessor of all things "Shondaland", I decided to mesh the world of insurance with the show. Here goes....

Rowan aka Papa Pope aka Commad has officially non-renewed Olivia


Charlie would make a great insurance agent. Every time you think he’s gone for good, he somehow manages to appear again


Olivia Pope is saving a lot of money on car insurance by choosing to walk every where..... in 5 inch stilettos.


Sally must be hiding somewhere living off of her husband’s life insurance after losing the election……………. and her job.


Command is the “hell and the high water” that your agent warns you about but, much like Olivia no one wants to purchase flood insurance……………. until they need flood insurance.


I’m sure you can buy a private jet with the amount of money Pope & Associates is paying for a Workers’ Comp policy for Huck and Quinn and their frequency of work related injuries


Now that I think about it, as of episode 1, Harrison has probably gotten that same policy cancelled


Command’s speeches are much like reading an insurance policy. You follow along intently, some of it is confusing the first time, but when you come across a part that you understand, you can’t help but go:


David Rosen is a lot like insurance overall. Someone tells you that you need it but you never really understand it and once you get it, it’s kind of just…..there....until you need it


In case you forgot, this is David Rosen


Mellie’s love life is much like trying to quote a customer with a prefect driving record that has been with their current carrier for 10 years –you try and try but just can’t win.


Portia De Rossi’s character, aka pretty lady with the short blonde hair is like a customer’s insurance company. You can never remember their name, but you do know that they’re around for a reason


Shonda Rhimes’s writing is a good reason to check your health insurance coverage, as excessive watching may cause speech impediments involving the repeated use of the term “I can’t”, fainting and uncontrolled outbursts.


Finally, Insurance Agents are Gladiators! At least at Grady, Wright & Associates, we are!


Scandal will be on this Thursday, November 20, 2014 for the winter finale at 9pm EST! Can't wait!

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Disclaimer: Grady, Wright & Associates, inc. does not own any of the photos used in this post.

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