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We have a Newsletter!

Did you know that we send out a newsletter every month to our clients? We try to keep it as fun and informative as possible, letting them know about things going on in the community, strides we've made in the agency, updates involving your carriers and more!

Things we've featured in the past include:

  • Client Spotlight: We feature a different client every month, wether they have an event coming up, are running a special promotion, or they're just a great company overall and we want the world to know!

  • Monthly Themes

  • February was Valentines Day themed and featured movies to watch with your significant other and gift ideas for him/her.

  • March was women's history month and St. Patricks Day themed, featuring places to go for St. Patricks day like bar crawls and parades, we also featured Misty Copeland, a phenomenal dancer with the American Ballet Theater as our woman to watch.

  • April will be Spring themed and won't be released until the 16th, so you'll have to subscribe in order to find out what we have planned for that. Hint: There's a lot of earth day activites coming up and you don't want to miss them.

  • Infomationals: We provide information that will educate our clients on currents events that could possible effect them, such as: Ways to protect against flooding, data breach tips to stay protected, etc.

If you would like to recieve our newletter, please e-mail with "Newsletter Request" in the subject line and we will add you to the list.

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